About CGMB Long Island Elder Law

For more than 25 years, the attorneys at Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry PLLC (CGMB) have fought to protect the rights of our clients.  We are now expanding our firm to bring the same level of skilled legal counsel, client advocacy and personalized attention in helping clients at all stages of their lives to protect for their futures – through our Long Island Elder Law and Estate Planning practice area.

When it comes to your planning needs, place your trust in the attorneys that Long Islanders have trusted for more than a quarter of a century.  It’s never too early, or too late, to take the right steps to effectively protect your assets.  And there has never been a group of attorneys to better place your trust in than the skilled and dedicated attorneys at CGMB Long Island Elder Law.

What People Are Saying

It is difficult to describe how much your team helped my family during a stressful and financially draining period in our lives.  Vince and Ellen, you were extraordinary in your ability to listen and analyze my son’s story.   Heather, you are the warrior on the front line taking on the attorney that dismissed my inquiries and questions incessantly for 10 long years.  I am grateful for your painstaking diligence, timely and precise communication, and willingness to be an advocate for my son David.  Your generosity and expertise have made a real difference. Dawn, your advice, assistance with the case, and true concern for David was very soothing and gave us hope that this problem would get solved.  I am truly grateful to your firm.  Without Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry’s valuable expertise, helping with administrative costs and professional  relationship with the Ansanelli Group, none of this would have been possible.   – John D.

Practice Areas

Asset Protection

You’ve worked hard your entire life, and saved for a comfortable future. But what happens if life takes an unexpected turn? What will happen to the assets you’ve worked so hard to gain? Will they go to your intended loved ones as your legacy … or will your savings and assets go to pay for long-term medical care or nursing home costs?

Elder Law

You have heard the term Elder Law countless times… but, if you’re like many people today, you probably think Elder Law is only for the elderly. When is the right time to seek the counsel of an Elder Law attorney? And why is it so important for people of all ages to have an understanding of the many elder law issues facing all of us today as we age?

Estate Administration

In the event of a loved one’s death, are you prepared for what you need to do — and what you need to know – regarding his or her assets? For those facing a death of a loved one who dies without a will, what happens next?

Estate Litigation

Most times, things go smoothly when it comes to estate administration, distribution of assets and the estate settlement process. But what happens when things do not go smoothly, and issues such as disputes over assets and contested guardianship occur after death during the estate administration and probate process?

Estate Planning

Estate planning is for everyone – it’s not just for the wealthy. Your property and assets make up your estate – and no matter how big or how small these assets are, everyone needs to have a plan in place for distribution of these assets after death. Do you have a plan in place?

Medicaid Planning

You may have heard stories of people exhausting their assets on long-term care and nursing homes … and it happens far more often than many people think. You have done everything right, paid off your mortgage and saved for the future for a great quality of life for you and your family. But if the unthinkable happens, and you or a family member end up needing nursing home care, would you be prepared?

Special Needs Planning

For those living with a disability, or who have a family member with special needs, estate planning takes on an even higher level of complexity. Are you taking the important steps needed when it comes to planning for the future for someone in your life with special needs?

Tax Planning

Proper tax planning is critical throughout a person’s life …and, particularly as we age, there are significant long-term financial implications when it comes to tax planning. Are you aware of the current tax laws and taxation issues that can help protect your assets, and are you taking all steps possible now when it comes to effective tax planning that can have a major impact on your future?

Wills & Trusts

Although everyone has heard the terms Wills and Trusts, it’s also likely that many people still don’t know the difference between them – and which one is the right choice for their needs. With a Last Will, Living Will and Living Trust, you can take the steps necessary to protect your assets and decide for yourself who will receive your money and property, as well as dictate other critical decisions. Do you know which is best for you?