Special Needs Planning

For those living with a disability, or who have a family member with special needs, estate planning takes on an even higher level of complexity. Are you taking the important steps needed when it comes to planning for the future when it comes to someone in your life with special needs?

What is Special Needs Planning?

Planning for the future of those with special needs requires legal counsel experienced in dealing with the many legal and financial issues surrounding individuals with special needs. Special Needs Planning includes making special provisions in wills, living trusts, life insurance and Powers of Attorney, as well as legal planning surrounding guardianship, tax issues and Special Needs Trusts.

Why Do I Need Special Needs Planning?

It is critical that families who have loved ones with special needs seek the counsel of an experienced estate planning attorney with expertise in the area of special needs planning in order to best navigate this complicated area of the law. There are specific things that family members of special needs individuals need to be doing now to protect and preserve their assets so that their loved ones are taken care of in the future. The use of statutorily created Supplemental Needs Trusts (“SNT”) provides an ideal planning vehicle to assist those with special needs – and families of loved ones with special need to fully understand the steps they need to take now to best plan for the future.

Why CGMB Long Island Elder Law?

Our attorneys have the sensitivity and expertise to draft these types of specialized Trusts, and any other planning documents your loved one may require.  We have helped countless families best plan for the futures of their loved ones with special needs – and we’re here to assist you in making these important decisions, and taking the appropriate steps, to ensure that your loved one enjoys the best quality of life – both now, and in the future.   At CGMB Long Island Elder Law, our mission is to provide exceptional legal advocacy and expertise to ensure that your loved one with special needs receives all of the assistance necessary to enjoy a purposeful and beautiful life.

Contact us today to see how we can help you and your family with special needs planning – and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones will be taken care of forever.