Estate Litigation

Most times, things go smoothly when it comes to estate administration, distribution of assets and the estate settlement process. But what happens when things don’t go smoothly, and issues such as disputes over assets and contested guardianship occur after death during the estate administration and probate process?

What is Estate Litigation?

Estate Litigation refers to civil actions, lawsuits or claims against a decedent’s estate – including creditor claims, claims challenging the validity of a will, mortgage claims, government claims and tax liens.

When Do I Need Estate Litigation?

As we all know, Litigation is never the first or second choice … but sometimes it is the only choice.  If faced with an unyielding adversary, you need experienced Elder Law and Estate Litigation attorneys to battle for you – attorneys who are not only skilled litigators, but who have decades of experience in dealing with the complex issues surrounding trusts and estates.

Why CGMB Long Island Elder Law?

Our Elder Law attorneys are experienced litigators with decades of experience in fighting for the rights of our clients. The attorneys within our CGMB Long Island Elder Law practice group fully understand the complex legal and often emotional issues surrounding Estate Litigation. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of Estate Planning, together with our intimate understanding of the Surrogate’s Court system and procedure, enables our attorneys to effectively deal with the broad range of issues that arise in Estate litigation matters. In fact, our extensive experience in this ever-changing area of the law is regularly called upon by other professionals in dealing with matters such as contested accountings, competency and undue influence claims in probate contests.

Call us today to let our experienced litigators help you during the emotional, and challenging, time surrounding Estate Litigation. Whatever your needs, we will work with you to make the process of Estate Litigation as smooth as possible, working to handle every case with compassion, while securing the best possible results for you and your family.